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Great forces are united in the Fencing world to provide a centralized and universal offer for competitions. The robust, international and well-known Engarde competition organization software is now incorporated into ST37 catalog in addition to the existing FIE official video-refereeing and video-streaming systems, and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic new solutions yet to come.

Barcelona, February 11, 2022 - Women Epee World Championship “Trofeu Internacional Ciutat de Barcelona de Esgrima”

Nothing compares to a World Championship to make such an announcement. While providing FIE official video-refereeing and video-streaming systems at the championship, ST37 is proud to announce the acquisition of Engarde software.

No worries: federations, clubs, referees, organizers, athletes, coaches and fans will continue to enjoy Engarde competition organization software as usual. But as a multi-awarded innovation technology company in Sports, ST37 will bring Engarde much further into an immersive experience. Some novelties are a simpler graphic interface, the access to an all-connected platform where results are linked to video sequences, where filters find/ alert about fencers’ combats, a real-time objective assistance to referees, etc. This is possible thanks to the power of a very simplified use of AI to enable immediate automatic video analysis.


Engarde has been a reference in the management of thousands of worldwide fencing competitions for 40 years, using its software in 42 countries from local events to high-level and official competitions. Since its beginnings, Engarde has stood out for its reliability and innovation ensured by a passionate and expert team.


Behind ST37 stands a multiskilled team of 20+ years experts in Sports and in Technology. Founder Carlos Pineda is a pre-olympic fencer but also a recognized engineer, and he participated in the development of one of the first FIE video-refereeing systems (Atlas) more than 10 years ago to become its official provider since then. Furthermore, ST37 innovates in the Sport Tech field by developing intelligent and automated video analysis solutions using Artificial Intelligence, No Code and robotic cameras to objectively and in real-time monitor, alert and analyze motion in depth. We aim at providing a virtual assistance to help referees during competitions for more impartiality but also to help athletes and coaches during training sessions for better performance, and enrich streaming for a better fan experience.

To date, with a worldwide patent, ST37 has been awarded multiple prizes and recognitions at CES Las Vegas or Vivatech Paris, from WIRED or Forbes, and stands out as a French Innovation flagship.

Current challenges

To counteract the disruptions caused by the pandemic, together we will ensure to provide an agile and multi-systems integration to support competition organizers, to assist referees, to give access widely to real time results and rich streaming for followers.

Existing Engarde users will continue to leverage current Engarde software with no change in features and no change in pricing in 2022. Improvements and further solutions will be announced in a timely manner. Rest reassured, clients will be able to choose at all times the solutions that they want to use.

“We are proud that Engarde and ST37 represent a genuine winning team of great talents ready to serve fencing. And we agree that our joined forces, skills and values are the core drivers to provide great solutions.” Jean-François Nicaud and Carlos Pineda

What's next for ST37 and Engarde?

We are thrilled to confirm that Carlos Pineda, CEO of ST37 and Jean-François Nicaud, creator of Engarde, join forces and will continue to work as one team that believes in technology as a significant game-changer for Sports. Jean François will be part of the ST37 team and will continue with current developments.

Today, two outstanding players team-up to innovate in fencing.

Our passion for fencing, engagement, expertise and team spirit commonly drive us.

Needless to say that we also count on the collaboration of all actors to keep fencing as a pioneer in technology.

So… borrowing the FIE call, we are glad to believe that “Together we are fencing!”.

For more information on ST37-Engarde

Carlos Pineda


(+33) 648.81.34.74

Jean François Nicaud

Engarde Creator

Carolina Riquelme-Sobrin

Business Developer Manager

(+33) 614.71.50.51

Technopole Hélioparc

2 Avenue Pierre Angot - 64000 PAU (France)

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