1. From what date does the acquisition by ST37 of Engarde become effective?

A. It becomes effective as of January 15, 2022.


2. As an Engarde user, what does it change for me?

A. No worries, Engarde will continue to offer the same functionalities as usual.

Improvements and new features will be communicated in due time.

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3. If I already have a license, will it still work?

Yes, of course. Service will continue to be working as usual.


4. Will Engarde prices change?

Keep reassured, Engarde prices will remain unchanged for 2022.

Any changes will be communicated in a timely manner.


5. Do I have to get ST37 video services to continue leveraging Engarde?

A. No. You are free to use the services that you need.

There is no obligation to get other solutions from ST37.


6. How can I place my orders to get Engarde?

A. You can go to SHOP or contact us

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