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  • Where does Video Replay store the videos?
    The video Skoutings are stored on the PC where Video Replay is installed; The videos are saved in a folder called "Skoutings" in the path where the software was installed. Example: C/Program Files/Skouting Video Replay/Skoutings The path depends on where the user installed the software.
  • How do I revoke the license?
    The license can only be revoked once, this can be done through your account in Skouting->my profile->licenses. This deletes the previous license and provides another one to be used on another PC.
  • How do I display the first action?
    In full screen press “B” key to play the first Video Replay created.
  • How does it work the Video Replay Software in FIE mode Fullscreen?
    ○ In FIE mode you will see on the full screen the overlays with all the information corresponding to the match in progress. ○ In each action created you will be able to see the video in slow motion and normal time.
  • What is Video Replay?
    Immediately fully automatic Video Replay Software is designed to be used with one camera and allows referees, athletes, and coaches to watch and replay videos in normal or slow motion.
  • When is it recommended?
    The software is versatile and can be used to help difficult refereeing decisions, on training to improve performance or to watch opponents.
  • How can I find a specific video?
    To open a Skouting you have already recorded with the software, go to menu, click on theoption “open” and choose the file with the name that you gave it.
  • What equipment do I need to use the Video Replay Software?
    All ST37 video kits are complete and most recommended for the use of the systems. It is also possible to use your own material to do the video capture. You will need a computer, a camera, audio devices and you can connect the software to Bluetooth devices, such as scoring machines for example, to get incoming data. Computer Minimum Operating System: Windows 10 CPU: Intel Core i5-7xx RAM: 8 GB @1333MHz Free Space: 100 GB ROM Type: SSD SATA GPU: UHD Intel 630​ Recommended Operating System: Windows 10 CPU: Intel Core i5-10xx or higher RAM: 12 GB @1600MHz Free Space: 300 GB or higher ROM Type: M.2 GPU: Intel Iris Xe or higher Audio​ -Headphones -Internal or external microphone ​ Video​ - USB webcam (tested with: Logitech, Jabra) - Laptop's integrated camera - IP camera - Handycams, Professional cameras (tested with: Sony, Canon, Panasonic). To connect this cameras, you will need : ○ HDMI/USB Video Capture (tested with: Avermedia, Elgato) ○ IP Video Encoder (to use it as an IP camera) ​ Incoming data​ - Bluetooth (For fencing scoring machines): ○Parani SD1100 ○ST37 Bluetooth - ST37 App (Android)
  • How do I edit the actions?
    ○ On the right side of each action, you can find an icon that when pressed will allow editing of the selected action. ○ You will be able to change the information and the color of the action. ○ After each edition do not forget to save the information.
  • Do I need a PC with special features to use the Video Replay?
    Minimum Requirements: ● Operanting System: Windows 10 ● CPU: Intel Core i5 – 7xx ● RAM: 8GB ● Free space: 100GB ● ROM Type: SSD SATA ● GPU: UHD Intel 630 Recommended Requirements : ● Operanting System: Windows 10 ● CPU: Intel Core i7 – 10xx or higher ● RAM: 12GB ● Free space: 300GB or higher ● ROM Type: M.2 ● GPU: Intel Iris Xe or higher
  • How does it work the Video Replay Software in Normal mode?
    ○ On the main page before entering select the mode to be used "FIE MODE" NORMAL MODE". ○ When you create a new skouting you will be able to enter the information of the competition in progress. ○ After pressing the play button wait a few seconds until it turns red.
  • Is the Video Replay System FIE homologated?
    The system is homologated and has been used in several FIE competitions.
  • How to display the Scoring machine Action List?
    ○ In full screen press the “Enter” key. ○ To display the list of actions that have been created in the match. ○ Find the specific action without having to leave the full screen. ○ To enlarge the video list view, drag each corner to expand it.
  • How many devices can I activate with one Video Replay license?
    One, a license is valid only for one computer to use the system, this is associated with the serial number of the hard drive, so if you change the hard drive where the operating system is and install the software again it will not work, for that you have to revoke the license. For more computers you must purchase more licenses.
  • How do I enter in the FIE mode?
    ○ On the main page before entering select the mode you are going to use "FIE MODE" NORMAL MODE". ○ When you create a new skouting you will be able to enter the information of the competition in progress. ○ After pressing the play button wait a few seconds until it turns red.
  • How does it work the Action List in Video Replay Software?
    ○ On the right side you can see the list of actions created on the skouting. ○ These actions will be generated automatically and can be edited. ○ When you click on any of them, the video corresponding to the action of the score shown will be played.
  • How can I capture key moments and highlights?
    The software is connected via bluetooth to the scoring machine and when it detects the fencers lights, it automatically creates the actions during the match. The actions can also be done manually using the "quick actions" button, but the overlay tool will not be viewable because the scoring machine will not be connected.
  • Do I need the Internet to use Video Replay?
    Yes, an Internet connection is required to validate the video replay license each time it is used.
  • How do I filter the actions?
    ○ In the upper right corner click in “Filter” to filter the actions by color. ○ The search tool is special to find a specific action with that keys word.
  • What are the features?
    Replay video loops, create actions on the video, quick actions, select video speed, slow motion or accelerated, zoom in or out to watch actions, watch image frame by frame, filter and search actions or quick actions.
  • How do I connect a Bluetooth to the software?
  • How should I select the weapon in Video Replay Software?
    ○ Need chose the weapon that you will referee. ○ Go to settings, clicking in the “ Video Ref” option, can find at the end of the pop-up window an item called “Weapon”. ○ Choose Epee, Sabre or Foil, then the Software will be ready to use. ○ Dont forget to save the changes made.
  • How do I see the video Frame by Frame?
    Press the “M” keys to select the previous or next frame.
  • How do I speed up and down the video?
    Press “Arrow up or Down” keys to select the video Speed.
  • Where can I get the Video Replay software user manual?
    The manual is available in three languages, you can download the manual here:
  • How do I Play and Pause the video with a shortcut?
    Press the " W " key to play and pause the video in the moment that you wish.
  • As an Engarde user, what does it change for me?
    A. No worries, Engarde will continue to offer the same functionalities as usual. Improvements and new features will be communicated in due time. You can register here to be the first to be alerted
  • Do I have to get ST37 video services to continue leveraging Engarde?
    A. No. You are free to use the services that you need. There is no obligation to get other solutions from ST37.
  • If I already have a license, will it still work?
    Yes, of course. Service will continue to be working as usual.
  • From what date does the acquisition by ST37 of Engarde become effective?
    A. It becomes effective as of January 15, 2022.
  • How can I place my orders to get Engarde?
    A. You can go to SHOP or contact us For read the press release here For more information, follow us on Social Media
  • Will Engarde prices change?
    Keep reassured, Engarde prices will remain unchanged for 2022. Any changes will be communicated in a timely manner.
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