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CES ends with great lessons learned

Yesterday CES 2022 in Las Vegas ended and we are proud to be part of the most innovative startups.

During these days in which the event took place, we confirmed AI is now and should be simple to use in daily situations. It is for this reason that in ST37 we are dedicated to creating solutions adapted to provide the right information at the right time to take the best decisions. Putting AI in the hands of people to be assisted to make the right choices. With the AI powered device that interprets situations from the combined analyses of any camera stream and any data source of connected devices launched at this CES edition, we seek to overcome challenges such as:

1. Fatal accidents in the industry.

2. Errors in refereeing for different sports disciplines.

3. Bad practices in sports and fitness.

Analyzing current challenges

By analyzing each challenge, in ST37 we developed a device capable of integrating any type of information, whether data streams, video, images, and all kinds of key data that are linked and generate valuable analysis for decision making. Our device focuses on generating real-time information through intelligent video analysis capable of understanding a situation and generating relevant data according to the needs of each user to assist them in taking the best decision.

Understanding the needs of each user is what has allowed us to develop a solution adapted to the challenges of companies, disciplines, industries, and individuals and apply the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and video analysis to make decisions in a more accurate way and with fewer margins of error.

This participation in CES leaves us with many lessons learned and eager to continue developing solutions tailored to the needs that arise daily and that we can solve with intelligent video analysis. Simple and universal use of AI and video are the factors that guide our new developments. Stay tuned and see you at CES 2023.

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