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February 2022, a month full of technological innovations for Fencing!

AI for video refereeing, robotic cameras, new led screen for immersive experience... We could test for the first time our innovations in two major worldwide official fencing competitions.

In February we were very active participating in two official FIE events in Barcelona and

Sabadell in which we announced the acquisition of the software of a reference company

in the fencing world and our first test in an official competition of AI and robotic


More details about our participation at the World Cup in Barcelona

On February 11 at the Women Epee World Championship "Trofeu Internacional Ciutat de

Barcelona de Esgrima" we joined in saying: "Together we are fencing", a phrase we

borrowed from the FIE to show our pride in being part of innovation in the sport.

At this World Championships, where we brought our official video-refereeing and

video-streaming technology, we officially announced the acquisition of Engarde’s

software, a company that has been the benchmark for the management of thousands of

fencing competitions during its more than 40 years of experience.

Engarde has been characterized as a reliable company, participating in high-level and

official events in more than 42 countries.

Since the announcement by its founder and director, the engineer and pre-Olympic

fencer, Carlos Pineda, ST37 and Engarde are joining forces to further develop

technology that generates impact for sport while highly considering and maintaining its

values and traditions.

After 12 months, our technology was tested in official competitions.

As you read, after 12 months of improvements and experience acquired in various

competitions - for the first time - our AI technology with robotic cameras and a new led

screen could be tested in an official competition such as the Junior Foil World Cup

2022, on February 19, 2022.

What will be the main benefits of our technology for fencing?

Once it will be certified, the implementation of intelligent video analysis technology in

official competitions will make a big difference bringing benefits such as:

1. AI assistance to referees to support their decisions

2. Greater transparency in obtaining results in competitions

3. Real-time information and statistics

4. Results tracking for athletes, coaches and fans

5. Systems integration for an immersive experience with advanced display

If you want to know more about innovation in Sport and Technology, you can follow us:

Photo gallery Sabadell and Barcelona

Press release: ST37 acquires Engarde Software

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