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ST37-Engarde has partnered with CREN (Comité Régional d’Escrime de Normandie) to add value to its fencing camps. ST37 is a provider of intelligent and automated video solutions and an official FIE provider for video refereeing and competition organization. Participants will be able to benefit from the Engarde and Skouting tools throughout the camp.


Competition mode with Engarde

A small competition will be organized using Engarde, this FIE solution for the management of competitions and results to which more than 350,000 users connect and which receives more than 9 million visits per month. The objective is to put participants in a real situation of competition with FIE tools. Participants will also have a discovery session of the tool.

Skouting: video analysis for higher performance

Participants and the course trainer will have an online license of Skouting, this video analysis platform that even uses artificial intelligence (AI). The trainer will be able to consult the fencing videos of national and international competitions analyzed by the AI and download videos (from Youtube even that of the course) to analyze them manually using the features of the platform. 


The goal is to show how video analytics improve performance. Participants will have a discovery session of the tool and the opportunity to test the platform with their free license from the camp.



Camp at Houlgate in Normandie, FRANCE


CREN, Comité Régional d’Escrime de Normandie

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